AmaThambo – Africa is in our bones.

The name Amathambo means bones in Zulu and in our creations we pay tribute to Africa and its untamed nature by taking death, throwing the bones and giving it new life. Using the found skulls, skeletons and shells of incredible indigenous fauna that have died of natural causes – we cast unique, high-end statement jewellery.

In the remains of these African animals and through the special metals and stones of Africa, AmaThambo breathes new life. From the ashes of remote wilderness to the pulse of civilisation, from the dust of the game path to the rush of the high street. Natures imperfection IS our charm. The ancient mixed with the modern, life and death intertwined, light clashing with dark, AmaThambo jewellery embodies Africa.

Cast in silver or gold and studded with a selection of sustainable, ethically-sourced African diamonds and other precious gemstones like Zambian emeralds, Mozambican rubies and Tanzanite, AmaThambo’s range of rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. From a sugarbird skull to snake and seal vertebrae, ghost crabs, rhino beetles, weaver skulls and anything else nature offers up.